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Industries Supported by Our Virtual Assistants

Real Estate Agents

  • Researching property listings: A virtual assistant can help find and compile information on available properties that match clients' criteria.

  • Managing emails and scheduling: They can handle email correspondence, set up appointments, and manage the real estate agent's calendar.

  • Social media management: Assistants can help create and schedule posts, engage with followers, and build an online presence for the real estate agent.

Medical Practices

  • Appointment Scheduling:

    • Manage the scheduling of patient appointments, including follow-up and rescheduling as needed.

    • Send appointment reminders to patients via email, text, or phone.

  • Patient Communication:

    • Respond to patient inquiries, including appointment requests, prescription refill requests, and general questions.

Staffing Agencies

  • Candidate Sourcing and Screening

    • Online research for potential candidates

    • Resume and application reviews

    • Preliminary phone screenings

  • Sales / Lead Sourcing

    • Updating and maintaining sales and client databases

    • Make sales calls and close contracts

Law Firms

  • Administrative support: Managing emails, scheduling, and document drafting.

  • Client communication: Interacting with clients and providing updates.

  • Legal research: Conducting research and summarizing findings.

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